Australia can be a remote and at times hostile environment. Extreme heat, cold, storms and drought all form part of our country.

During all this, work has to go on.
We build our vans for our environment so they are as tough as Australia is.

Our caravans have been designed from the ground up.

We utilise a system of checklists to complete each stage of the van to ensure our quality control.

Some of the steps taken are as follows.

Once the chassis has completed it is sent away to galvanised dipped.

First we build the chassis using mild steel.

Vansite Manufacturing galvanised dipped chassis

Once the dipping has been completed we level the chassis and begin the putting together the sup floor componentry, this includes the 12 volt loom, all plumbing including tanks, and all running gear including axels , brakes and wheels.

Vansite Manufacturing sup floor componentry

The next stage we begin work on the body of the caravan including pre running any wall cavity 240 volt wiring &12 volt wiring ,lay the floor , install the internal walls and the roof of the caravan.

Vansite Manufacturing caravan body

At the same time the external fit off is under construction. Once all procedures have been completed we put the van through a final check list and tested for correct operation

Vansite Manufacturing final check list