Vansite is an Australian owned company designing, manufacturing and both selling & hiring mobile site vans for industrial & commercial use for the mining, energy & resource sectors, government departments & construction industries.

Vansite vans cover applications such as site offices, kitchens, lunchrooms, toilet vans, offices, medical vans, & mobile camps, movie set vans. Vansite vans are easily transportable & relocatable mobile option for remote or urban sites, & are specifically designed to provide an innovative solution to the challenges remote locations present, Any Site Any Time

Vansite Sales

At Vansite, we design and manufacture caravans for industrial and commercial use. We aim to be the industry leader in mobile solutions for a wide variety of commercial clients, including the mining, energy and resource sectors, government departments, events management and construction industries.

Our product is tough, dependable, durable, and can withstand the rigours of the Australian outback or be just at home in an urban setting. Our vans are specifically designed to provide an innovative solution to the challenges remote locations present.

Whether the project is short or long term, a Vansite mobile van is the ideal solution for businesses or government departments wanting to source a flexible product with multiple applications. Contact our sales team to discuss your needs and see how we can turn your challenge into our solution. Vansite- mobile logistics, multiple solutions.

Vansite Hire

Vansite has one of the broadest ranges of Industrial Site Vans- on the market.

Our entire fleet is renowned for its durability, dependability and toughness, which make our Vans the ideal solution for your short or long term rental needs. At Vansite we understand our commercial clients require  a specialized, fit for service vans that can withstand the demands of industrial environments and conditions. Our commercial fleet meet all site safety requirements and are all HSE (fit for service) site ready, fully checked, cleaned and equipped prior to the start of hire. They are a stable and dependable asset to your worksite.

We would be happy to take your call regarding one of our Site Vans . You will find we not only have the best range, but the best prices too!