8.7 Site Office Series

The 8.7 Site office series is based on the same platform at the 7.2 series , only its bigger by 1.5 metres.

This Mobile Office caters for larger crews up to 20 personnel, and is has been fitted with male and female toilets and a GL6000 Kubota generator package. The Generator is supported by an 150lt diesel tank. This Mobile office has a flexible layout which caters for a large crib room or it can be configured to be multi-platform office space. This model is also available with a GL9000 generator package and internal light tower.

The kitchenette comes standard with a Water cooler, Jug, microwave and 12volt 218litre fridge freezer and running water. Other options are available upon request.


Vansite 8.7 Site Office


Electrically configures to AS3000 specifications.
Powered by a Kubota GL 6000 diesel Generator, these generators are  tough and durable, electrically configured to be mine site compliant and are Supported are by a 150 litre chassis diesel tank.
This site caravan has two single toilets, and a waste tank system capable of carrying 500 litres of black waste.
This caravan an offers a  kitchen area for food preparation – including a Microwave oven, Kettle and  a 218 litre 12 Volt Fridge.
This caravan features a  crib area for seating of 15 personnel or it can be configured with perimeter desks to cater for office space for  6 personnel.
This mobile site office  offers the comfort of 2 air-conditioning units , which is much desired in remote locations.
The Caravan is equipped to seat 15 persons for lunch at any one time.
This site office has a 320 litre water tank and also an internal water cooler.
Every site office  comes with an external roll out awning, sometimes it’s nice to sit outside under the shade &  it also allows for the  van to cater for a larger crew, with the addition of outside tables.
The van comes tested and tagged, equipped with a spill kit, fire extinguishers, manual and service register.


For more information print off out rental fleet guide here:

Download 8.7 Series Guide