5.0 Site Office Series

The Lightest mobile site office van in the fleet, this tough, self-contained 5.0 Site office series/crib van can be towed by a light 4×4 vehicle.

The series 5.0 Site office is the ideal light, tough office/crib. Designed for small crews working in remote locations, the series 5.0 is a fully self-contained office / crib heavy duty van. The series 5.0 has a generator (240v) and 12v systems, toilet, storage compartment, kitchenette, fridge, microwave, air-con, remote controlled roof mounted spotlight, water, Blackwater and fuel tanks, awning and all the HSE equipment needed for on-site requirements, this is one tough and versatile van.

The 5.0 vans are highly popular and are being used in some of Australia’s most remote and demanding locations.

The kitchenette comes standard with a Water cooler, Jug, microwave and 12 fridge freezer and running water. Other options are available upon request.


Vansite 5.0 Site Office Series


This Caravan has a Tare Weight of 2500 Kg  empty  and an ATM of 3500kg.
Powered by a Kubota GL 6000 diesel Generator ,these generator are  tough and durable , electrically configured to be mine site compliant,  Supported are by a 90 litre chassis diesel tank.
This site caravan  has a unisex toilet  and a waste tank system capable of carrying 400 litres of black waste.
This caravan an offers a small kitchen area for food preparation – including a Microwave oven, Kettle and 12 Volt Fridge. The 12 Volt fridge is powered by a battery and solar panel system and Generator Battery charger.
This caravan features a smaller site office area , for one . The Lunch table could also be utilised to facilitate 2-3  office desk personnel.
This mobile site office  offers the comfort of air-conditioning , which is much desired in remote locations.
Perfect for a small with internal seating for 6 personnel at any one time.
The site office has a 320 litre water tank  and also an internal water cooler.
Every site office  comes with an external roll out awning, sometimes it’s nice to sit outside under the shade& it also allows a smaller van to cater for a larger crew.
This little site office  has a store room at the front curb side of the van , this allows you  store parts away which do not need to be in the main crib room.


For more information print off out rental fleet guide here:

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